Admin Options On A Facebook Page

In the last post, you learned how to set up a Facebook page. In this post, you will read about all the options available to you as the admin of the Facebook page.

What Are The Admin Options On A Facebook Page?

  1. Messages: If any user sends a message to your page, you can see it here and reply back.
  2. Notifications: Similar to the notifications for your personal Facebook profile, here you will see all the notifications for your Facebook page.
  3. Insights: This is where all the data is. You will get to learn a lot about the audience of your page and their actions.  There’s a lot of data here that you can play around with so I’m going to dedicate an entire post to this later.
  4. Publishing Tools
    • Published Posts: Posts you have published so far, their reach along with time stamps
    • Scheduled Posts: You can look at the post that you have scheduled to be published in the future posts
    • Drafts: Posts that are saved as drafts and waiting to be completed
    • Expiring Posts: A lot of times the pages might have a post that you want to auto-delete at a certain point of time. So you can set an expiry date and it gets deleted automatically.
    • Video Library: Here you’ll see a list of all the videos that you have posted, their reach
    • Videos You Can Crosspost: If you are running multiple pages for the same business and you wanted to post a video on all those pages without having to open each and every page and posting the video separately. You could just publish the video on this page and then you could crosspost to all the other pages
    • Form Library:  A list of all your forms mostly used for Lead Generation campaigns on Facebook

Facebook Page Settings


  1. Shortcuts: Create a shortcut for your page on your news feed
  2. Page Visibility: Check if your page published is not published
  3. Visitor Posts: Check if you want anyone to be able to publish posts, photos or videos to the page
  4. Reviews: Check if you want to allow visitors to review your page
  5. Audience Optimization for Posts: Select a precise audience for your posts so Facebook can ensure that relevant audience gets to see your posts
  6. Messages: Allow people to contact your page privately
  7. Tagging Ability: Allow visitors to tag others on your page’s content
  8. Others Tagging the Page: Allow people and pages to tag your page
  9. Page Location for Frames: This basically means that people can use your page as a location. For example, restaurants use this feature to let customers check-in.
  10. Country Restrictions: Decide if your page should be visible to people across the globe
  11. Age Restrictions: You can decide on restricting your content according to the age of the visitor
  12. Page Moderation:  Block certain kind of words from being used on your page
  13. Profanity Filter: Decide on what your page’s policy will be in regards to filtering profanity
  14. Similar Page Suggestions: Allow your page to come under recommended pages to relevant audiences
  15. Post in Multiple Languages: Will you make posts only in English or other languages as well?
  16. Comment Ranking: Decide how to list the comments made on each page post

Other options include allowing users to download the content on your page for offline viewing, merging with another page you own or deleting your page.


Under the messaging tab, you will find extremely straightforward options. Do you want to use return people send messages?

Something very interesting is the response assistant where you can set auto responses if you’re not online and someone sends a message to your page.

There are also a lot of apps that you can connect with your messenger platform. For example, ChatFuel can be used to create chat bots for to respond to users when they leave messages to your facebook page. I will make a dedicated post for this soon.

Edit Page

Under edit page,  you can play around with the tabs on your page see what is needed and what is not. For example, you can remove the reviews tab or the events tab from your page is not required.
Remember, not all tabs can be removed from your page.

Post Attribution

Would you want to make a post on this page as the name of your page or with the name on your personal profile? For example, on my page all posts would be made with the name, ‘The Marketing Guy’


Choose how you want to be alerted on your page updates. Various options include Facebook notifications, Messages, Email and Text Messages.

Page Roles

You can invite your friends on Facebook as admins to the page. There are different types of admin roles to choose from.

  1. Admin: Has access to all admin options on the page
  2. Editor: Someone who can just make posts on the page
  3. Moderator: Someone who can moderate the content on the page
  4. Advertiser: is someone who can only manage the page’s ad manager
  5. Analyst: Someone who will have access to only the insight section of the page.

People and Other Pages

Here you will see a list of people or other pages who have liked your page.

Preferred Page Audience

Select a preferred audience for your page so that Facebook can ensure that relevant people get to see your posts on their news feed.


There are a lot of apps that you can connect with your Facebook page. For example, the Notes app will add a ‘Notes’ tab on your page. Some common apps you must be familiar with are the Twitter and Instagram apps which allow you to show your Twitter and Instagram feeds on your Facebook page as separate tabs.

Instagram Ads

Connect your Instagram account to be able to advertise your Facebook page or Instagram account on Instagram as well.


You can display some pages or page owners as featured on the about section of your page.


You can add and manage pages to which would want to crosspost any post that you make to this page.

Page Support Inbox

Start a conversation with one of the executives at Facebook for any kind of support that you need.


You have reached the end of this post. For a much more detailed demo please watch the YouTube video on this post. Did I miss something out or have any doubts? Please comment below and I will get back to you.

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