10 Apps To Help You Create Amazing Video Content

It’s clear that videos capture the attention of users more effectively than any other form of content on Facebook. We can see how that has affected our news feeds as well. Go over to your Facebook news feed and scroll through 10 random posts and what you will notice is that most of those posts are going to be in video format.

Then why are we still creating image content and ads on Facebook?
The obvious answer is that it’s extremely time and budget consuming to create videos, which is why I thought it’ll be a good idea to compile a list of apps that can make your life easier as a marketer to create video ads.

Let’s jump into the list (which is in no particular ranking order).

1. Legend

iOS: Paid | Android: Free

Legend is an incredible app that lets you create incredible videos or GIFs with just text content. All you need to do is select an animation style, choose from various background types or add your own photos/videos and you’re done. My only complaint here is that while the iOS users have to pay $1.99 for it, Android users enjoy the app for free.

2. Quik by GoPro

iOS: Free | Android: Free

Quik by GoPro is as easy as it gets to compile videos or photos into a stunning video. Start by adding content from your phone, Facebook, Instagram or your GoPro account, select one of the editing styles and music which automatically syncs itself to your content and the app takes care of everything else. Of course, you can manually make some changes to the edited version as well. If you’re looking for an easy to use app that changes your photos and videos into a beautiful ad, this is for you.

3. Stayfilm

iOS: Free | Android: Free | Windows Phone: Free

Similar to Quik, Stayfilm takes your videos and photos and assembles them into a beautifully created video, with minimal effort from your end.

4. VidLab

iOS: Free

VidLab is a multitrack editor which allows you to create beautiful videos and photo slideshows. You can also add your own text, artwork, music, and voice-overs. It’s tougher to use than Quik and Stayfilm, but an absolute delight to those who want to control every bit of the output.

5. Cinemagraph Pro

iOS: Free

Cinemagraph Pro helps you create amazing cinemagraphs – videos where a part of the video remains constant, as though it were a photo. It’s a really cool effect and extremely easy to make. Check out the video above for examples of what you can do. This app is bound to make you look like a pro.

6. Hyperlapse by Instagram

iOS: Free

Hyperlapse from Instagram lets you create high-quality time lapse videos right from your iPhone. No, it’s not same as the time lapse feature you have on the iPhone camera as the app has really great video stabilization which is usually the only problem in time lapse videos.

7. Boomerang by Instagram

iOS: Free | Android: Free

You’ve probably already used this, but in case you haven’t, Boomerang by Instagram lets you create really small videos that loop back and forth. If you’re even a tiny bit creative, you’d be able to make really funny videos with it. You can also share the videos to Instagram or Facebook right from the app itself.

8. Splice by GoPro

iOS: Free

Splice by GoPro is a very basic video editor for your iPhone. If your need is to just do basic things with your content like trim, crop, add basic effects, speed controls, and transitions, Splice would be extremely helpful. Additionally, it also imports videos from your GoPro account.

9. iMovie

iOS: Free

Very similar to Splice, iMovie is Apple’s very own basic video editor. It is now free for your iPhone. You can make basic video edits with it and add multiple videos and photos from your gallery to the editor.

10. Loopy HD

iOS: Paid

Loopy HD is going to help you with audio. It is a fantastic app to create music by layering looped recordings. Check out the video above and see Jimmy Fallon use the app with none other than Billy Joel in the Tonight’s Show.


Is there an app that you use which should have been on this list? Comment below and let the readers know.

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    October 2, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    I would have add V360 for 360 video editing on mobile ( getv360.com )

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