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Using Quora Pixel To Create Custom Audiences

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and use Quora tracking pixel to precisely target your website audience on Quora.

Video Transcription:

Hey, everyone, this is Viren and welcome back to my youtube channel for another tutorial on Quora ads. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to set up Quora pixel on your website so that you can keep a track of everyone who is visiting your website and then you can create custom audiences out of that and you can start targeting your ads to them. So without any further delay let’s get started.

Once you’re into your Quora ads manager you need to go to this tab Quora pixel and click on set up the pixel. So this is the code you get and setting it up is exactly like setting up other pixels from other services like Google Analytics or Facebook pixel and things like that. All you need to do is copy this and paste it in the head section of your website. In case you don’t know how to do this you can send this to your web developer and they can do this in a matter of minutes. So let me just quickly set this up for my website. I’m done setting this up let me click on continue. Now you can install an event code, it could be a page load event, it could be some kind of an action event. Like say for a blog, if your action is basically getting subscribers or for an e-commerce website the action is selling something. You can choose either one of these. Let me quickly install the page load event, So I’m done installing this code let me click on done. Let’s refresh the page. So once you refresh the page after about five minutes you will start seeing the view counts on all your pages.

The pixel started working as you can see here it says that the table will display pixel views from the last minutes and update on a minute interval. So it does take about minutes for this to get set up but once this is done you can now start creating ordinances with it and to do that you go to the Audience tab and here you click on create audience. You can give your Audience a name, a description and the major part here is to select what kind of traffic do you want. All visitors to your website? Visitors to specific pages on the website? Visitors to specific but not all pages of my website? or some sort of a custom audience. Either ways you will have to specify what the URL should contain. What the URL should not contain. You can mix and match and create any sort of an audience you want. So for now let me just create all the website visitors in the last days. Click on create audience and the audience is ready.

So now in any campaign, I’ll be able to select that particular audience. So let’s say I already have this ad campaign called snapchat ads. So let me just try and add another ad set. While adding another ad set if you go under audience targeting, here I will now see the option of all website visitors and I can use this audience to advertise to them. In case you don’t know how to go about creating ads on Quora, I’ll link one of my previous videos where I explain how to go about it and you can use that and learn how to create Quora ads as well and set up your entire account. I think that wraps up this tutorial I hope you now know how to set up the Quora pixel you can go do that for your website. You can also create some conversion events and then you can choose your audience very specifically and advertise to them on Quora. In case you have any doubts do leave your comments below and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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