How To Create Dynamic Search Ads

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create dynamic search ads.

Video Transcription:

Now what that means is in case your website has a lot of pages or you want to create a lot of different ads for your website without having to go through the tedious task of creating all the ad groups and all the ads by yourself.

What dynamic search ads does is Google AdWords will scan your entire website, index all your pages and whenever something similar to what your page content is is searched for they will try and show your ads. It is as simple as that. You can do this for your entire website, you can also do this for just certain parts of your website.

So let’s get started and I’m going to show you what this is so once you’re logged into the ads manager and you’re under campaigns you click here to create a new campaign. Now dynamic search ad by its name tells you that it is a search ad and that is what we are going to select. We are going to select visit to our website as a goal and let’s click on continue. Let’s give this campaign a name. Dynamic search ads will work only with the search Network so I’ll remove the display. We can select the locations so I’m gonna let the location be India. The language will be English as my website works in English. I’m going to leave the bidding to manual CPC. The daily budget – let me just add something like . I’ll be covering all of this in another tutorial – what are the different kind of things you can do with your ad like ad sitelinks or call-out extensions, a call extension and things like that. But for this particular ad we’ll scroll right here to the bottom and select dynamic search ads and this is what we’re looking to set up. Click enable dynamic search ads for this campaign and enter the domain name. For me the domain name is The language is English and set a targeting source. So basically do you want to use Google’s index of my website. There are two other options which is – use URLs from my page field only or a combination of both. Now as you can see I cannot click on this right now because I have not uploaded a feed of all my pages.

So in case there are certain pages only for which you want to create an ad this is how you go about it. You click on this wrench icon here, under setup click on business data. Once you’re into business data feeds you click on this button and add a page feed. All you have to do is upload a CSV file and give it a name. The CSV file should contain a list of all the pages on your website that you want to promote here. But for now I’m just going to use Google’s index of my website. Let me just click on save and continue.

Now we’ll go ahead and setup ad groups so in case you are looking for a standard ad group you can select it here where you will add all the keywords that you want to target. But how dynamic search works is that Google will index your pages automatically and decide on the keywords themselves so let me just do use that. Now what I can do is I can create this for the entire site or I can create it for a certain section of my site let’s say Facebook content. I will keep a default bid – let me start with something like rupees per click. Now if your site is really big and has a lot of different categories and it’s been indexed in Google for a while chances are that Google will already show you categories in your website. But in case like for my site it’s not able to pick any categories. I can create rules myself like if the URL contains the word Facebook then I want those pages to be indexed and things like that but for now let me make one for my entire website which is this last option here, all web pages, so let me just click that. You can set a bid for all the web pages. I’ll again leave it at three rupees. You can create more new ad groups if you want to. You can add standard ad groups here as well but I’m just going to add one dynamic search ad. Let’s continue.

Let’s create a new ad and like you can see here you don’t have to select the final URL or the headline or display URL because Google will do all of that for you. All you need to do is add the description for the ad and let me quickly add something. There you go I’ve added the description and click on done and that is it. The ad is ready. I’ve created ads for my entire website all the pages in such a short span of time so this is amazing. For all you guys who are running small businesses and don’t have a marketing person to help you with Google Ads but you still want to make full use of it, you can go about and create a dynamic search ad and that will be really really handy. If you have any questions do leave it in the comment section below and I will try and get back to you within the day.

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