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Hi there,

There are literally thousands of other websites and millions of others things that you could have been doing right now instead of reading this. So firstly, thank you for your attention. I hope I will be able to add some value to you and teach you a thing or two about Marketing on Facebook.

I am going to try and assume no prior knowledge on any topics from your behalf. So, I am literally going to start with “Creating a Facebook Page”. If you’re a beginner I’d recommend you go through each of these posts in the order it’s been listed below.

Let’s get started.

Facebook Marketing 101

  1. Creating A Facebook Page
  2. Admin Options On A Facebook Page
  3. Creating Content For Social Media With No Design Skills
  4. Audience Insights On A Facebook Page
  5. How To Create/Change Your Facebook Page Username

Facebook Marketing 102

  1. Creating Facebook & Instagram Ads – Campaign Objectives
  2. Ad Sets (Audience, Placements, Budget & Schedule)
  3. Page Like Ads
  4. Facebook Ad Account Tools Overview
  5. How To Create Website Traffic (Link Click) Ads On Facebook
  6. How To Create Lead Generation Ads On Facebook & Instagram
  7. How To Create and Advertise with Facebook Canvas

Facebook Marketing 103

  1. Learn How To Create A Facebook Shop To Sell Your Products Directly On Your Page
  2. How To Create Facebook Offers To Drive More Conversions
  3. How To Setup Facebook Pixel For Your Website
  4. How To Create Custom Facebook Conversion Events For Your Website
  5. How To Create Custom, Lookalike and Saved Audiences For Facebook and Instagram Ads
  6. Creating A Facebook Messenger Bot Without Coding

If there is anything that I’ve missed in this list, do leave a comment and I’ll try and help you out immediately. Happy Learning!

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