Be More Materialistic

The Oxford dictionary defines the word materialistic as being “excessively concerned with material possessions”. But think about every person you referred to as being materialistic. Are they really though? Are they really concerned with material possessions? Quite the opposite.

We have this insatiable need to replace everything we own. Things that momentarily came into our lives to provide a little burst of joy and then fail to do their job.

The watch, the phone, the laptop, the shoes, the clothes, the furniture, the car, the house – just waiting to be replaced, wondering what went wrong. Wondering why we stopped loving them. We were so happy when we bought them though, weren’t we?

I wish everyone in the world was a little more materialistic and cared about their possessions. In the true sense of the word. If only we could truly be in love with our stuff, wouldn’t the world be simpler?

Gandhi once said that “The earth has enough resources for our need, but not for our greed.”

Our greed is literally killing us.
There are going to be 10 billion of us on this planet by 2050 and we won’t even have the basic resources to sustain.
2.4 billion people don’t have access to clean water while we dump over 8 million tons of garbage into the ocean every year.
The air that we breathe is worse than ever before while we chop down 16 million hectares of natural forest every year and companies have now started selling fresh air in a can.

What if we waited, for all the things we own to actually die before we replace it? What if we really did love it for the purpose it solved in our life?
What if you replace your car, your furniture only once every decade when you really really need to. Your phone, your laptop once in 3 years. The next time you’re out buying another pair of shoes or a t-shirt, think if you really need another one of those.

Imagine the impact we could have on the world’s collective resources, simply by being more materialistic, not to mention the personal benefits of saving money and having less clutter to focus on the more important things in life.

So yes, be materialistic. Love the things you own. Be more with less.

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